On average, if you take a shower with a shower, the water used does not reach one-third of the water you normally use when bathing. Before you decide to replace your bathroom tub with a shower and install shower doors in your bathroom, consider a number of these tips bathroom showroom at the home.

Don’t use a wall shower
Maybe you want to have a bathroom as cool as a hotel or gym, so you use a large shower that is taped to the wall and the showerhead extends directly above the head. Indeed, the shower is bigger and refreshing, but this shower is more wasteful of water usage than if you use a normal shower.

Use a hand shower
A shower that has a handle so you can hold it will be more suitable for use by other family members like your child. Because the height of the shower can be adjusted to the height of the child’s body. You can also easily direct the shoer to certain body parts that need water, such as your back, leg area, or folds such as the elbows or neck.

Use barriers for bathing areas
It would be better if you use a divider between the shower area with the toilet or sink. When bathing with a shower, water will spread to all corners in the bathroom. Indeed bathroom walls and floors will dry themselves, but splashes of water containing soap will make the bathroom and toilet walls become dull and dirty quickly. use shower doors or curtains to limit the rinse area.

Check the drains
The flow of water when bathing with a shower tends to be faster so that it requires water channels that are not obstructed so that water does not pool under your shower.

Before installing the shower, pay attention to your bathroom water drain, make sure there is no blockage and always clean the drain cover after showering so that no hair is stuck which will make the drain clogged.

Pay attention to the water spray
Don’t just settle for the unique shape of the shower, pay attention to the water spray too. It is better to choose a shower with adjustable water spray.

For example, it can produce soft water splashes suitable for children and the elderly or a strong spray that you usually need when taking an afternoon shower.

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